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Another gold country trip, this time we decided to avoid Latrobe road. Latrobe is a narrow, no shoulder, windy, pot-hole filled adventure that gets you from highway 50 to highway 49. We decided this time to stay on 50 to Diamond Springs and connect to highway 49 there. As we got to 49, we thought we had done well, that is until we started down a narrow, curvy canyon on 49. Maybe Latrobe is not that bad after all. This is a park at the end of Plymouth, another small, small town. The park is very nice lots of grass, ponds, and paved access. The only downer is trying to figure out their sites and price plans. There is no way to tell a standard from a deluxe to a super-duper site. I opted for the more expensive site on the outer loop, good choice. Our pad was nicely paved, very wide (perfect for a rainy stay to keep the mud out) and backed up to an open space. We got set up and headed for a new restaurant that was getting good reviews. Had a very nice dinner at the Dancing Bear, we decided we could get used to this place.

Saturday came and the park was having a holiday craft/garage sale. We decided it would be fun to participate and grabbed some stuff to sell. This was fun, not only did we sell some stuff; we met a lot of nice folks. We also ran into our 3 sheltie family from Angels Camp again, and another couple with a Sheltie. Shelties definitely ruled this park. After the sale, we headed out on the bike to explore the town. There are not any bike trails but we managed to find some roads that were not heavily traveled. Hopefully we will be back to explore some more areas. We came back and swam in the pool that was still heated (October). That evening the park had a BBQ and music, which was nice. The park has a lot of permanent residents and most smoke constantly, this is about the most negative thing we can say about the park. This is a very convenient park that is close to Sacramento and has nice amentias.

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