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We are ready to go

He looks good in a hard hat

Here we go!

A 100 Feet In


Lots of timber used down here

Look at all the colors

This is how you ride


Supervisors mode of transportation. He visited twice daily.

1950's Drill

Lots of explosives used

Check out the temperture


Misc Equipment

J.C. testing the bench...it still works!

The Lavatory down here at 1500 feet

Sitting Pretty

A 1000 down this tunnel





The real thing!

Upon arriving in Bisbee J.C., Bev, Len and I headed into town to check out things. In the afternoon we took the Cooper Queen Mine Tour. It was $13.00 for an hour underground tour. We entered the mine on a small train and headed in. It made three stops, 100 ft, 700 ft and the final stop had us 1,500 ft deep into the mine. Our tour guide was a retired miner. He started worked in the mine from 1957 to 1994. Starting wage was at $3+ retiring at $15.+. They worked incredibly hard and long hours for such a small wage. They not only mined cooper, but zinc, silver, turquoise, gold and lead. Mining began in the 1870's and the mine was closed in 1975. There were over 2,500 miles of tunnels that were mined in the area. During the whole time that the mines were worked, there were less than 20 people killed. They had there share of accidents though, lots of broken fingers and arms. This was an interesting place and there is too much info to share here. Check out their website: Queenminetour.com. We found this to be a very interesting point of interest. Hope you enjoy!

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