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Mt Jefferson and Bachelor, leaving Portland

Mt Jefferson, leaving Portland

The trip started well this morning with a casual 7:40 am departure and endless visibility for stunning views from Mt Adams and Hood to Jefferson and Bachelor, with a pretty layer of fog snuggled into the curves of the Willamette River.

I drew the long straw somewhere along the way and got first class seats, so I'm eating well and keeping good company.  Apollo astronaut Jim "Houston-we-have-a-problem" Lovell was in the seat next to me, which was great for two reasons: (1) we swapped stories about Chile (his were better since they involved meeting President Allende and flying to the South Pole), and (2) the stewardesses were falling all over themselves to take care of him, so I just pretended I thought they were offering *me* extra cookies, too, and I got the best service ever even if I did have to ignore a few dirty looks.

All good things must end, though, and now I have an overnight layover in the Miami airport.  Hello, floor.

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