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Yesterday we went to the movies with Bonnie and Larry to see Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. You know, the football movie about Michael Ohers. Very good, I highly recommend this one! All four of us enjoyed it and I wasn't sure about a 'football' movie. Sandra Bullock really outdid herself. Actually, everyone in the movie did a great job!

Larry and I played our second round in the slot tournament Saturday morning. Turned out that I placed 14th, which qualified me to play in the final round this morning. There were 145 participants and the top 19 qualified. There was a drawing this morning for one Wild Card seat, making a total of 20 finalists. We played two 10 minute sessions and then waited about 45 minutes for the tally's. Surprisingly, I came in 14th again! Which paid $100. Not too bad for a freebie! At noon they did a cash drawing. 10 winners were drawn (from the 145 participants in the tournament), and I was #7, winning $150.00. Wow, I was pleasantly surprised. We played a bit of Keno before leaving and donated a bit back, but left winners for our three day weekend so we are happy campers!

We got a pleasant surprise when Gene and Georgia stopped by the casino to say hello. They had read in our journal that we would be there this morning, and since they were meeting their family for lunch they stopped by to wish us well. We met Gene & Georgia a couple of years ago after they read our blog and discovered we were in Vegas for a few months. Invited us to lunch and we had a wonderful time getting to know them. We plan to have lunch with them in a couple of weeks at Coyotes once again. Gene is retiring in just a few days and they hope to sell their home and be on the road soon.

So now, we are in the house, watching football and snacking on chips & dip with margaritas to boot. Could life get any better than this? I don't think so!

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