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Larry and Bonnie, New Year's Eve...

Us too....

Oh papa, you are so funny!!

Pretty girls...

Auntie Tessa is giving airplane rides...

Thanks to this evening's cooks, awesome meal guys!

The Uribe's, with Larry and Tawnia too of course, nice pic!....

Our New Year's Eve was certainly different this year than last. At midnight last year, Larry called from his hospital bed to inquire "honey, what are you still doing awake?" Gee, I don't know! If you thought I would be asleep, why are you calling??? LOL....Anyway, I'm sure most of you remember that he had the first of two new knee replacements done on December 30th, 2008. And the 2nd one inserted on March 3rd, 2009. We were so pleased with the results. What a difference it made in the second half of the year as far as walking, hiking and just plain enabling him to do most all of the activities he enjoys so much.

This year we spent New Year's Eve with Larry & Tawnia and her family visiting Vegas from Canada. The Uribe's enjoy cooking and they prepared a wonderful meal of chicken wings, halibut, salmon, potatoes and veggies. Afterward we played a new word game as we watched the ball drop in New York City, followed by the countdown & fireworks spectacular display done here in Las Vegas each and every year. I'm sure many of you watch it on TV as we do every year. We might have ventured down on the strip 20 years ago, but wouldn't even consider it these days. Frankly, I don't want to be anywhere that 150,000 people are! Looks like a nightmare to me! And what's with all these strapless evening gowns and heels out in the 35 degree temperatures? Ahhh, I remember that need to feel young and beautiful! Just give me my nice warm sweats and tennis shoes these days, LOL!

Larry and I were offered a room for 3 nights at the Fiesta Hotel for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The offer also included a couple of free meals and a free slot tournament. So we decided, what the heck. So after leaving the kids around 12:30am, we headed to our room for the rest of the evening. We played our first session of the tournament this morning and think we did fairly well. Tomorrow we play a second session and then they combine the total points earned for the two days. If our score is high enough, we'll be entitled to participate in the final round on Sunday. They are awarding $15,000 total in prize money, so of course we are hoping to do well. We aren't going to use the room for the other two days but it was fun for a night. Apparently Onyx wasn't too thrilled with the whole thing though. She fussed throughout the night and kept Bonnie & Larry awake. Guess she couldn't understand why they weren't bringing her out to the 5'er. She wanted to go home, or at least be with us! Aren't our loyal, lovable 'furkids' the best, LOL!

Later in the afternoon, we headed home to spend the rest of a peaceful day with Bonnie and Larry. Bonnie prepared the traditional pork roast and mashed potatoes and gravy, with sauerkraut provided by Jack & Barb, our RV'ing buddies from Ohio for dinner. Hey guys, if you are reading this, the kraut was awesome! The best we've ever had!

In fact, the whole meal was delicious. I love New Year's Day!

Afterward we broke out the Wii and bowled 4 games. We haven't bowled in awhile and it was alot of fun. My honey bowled the highest score in 3 of the 4 games, he was sure on a roll. Usually Bonnie gets that honor, so Larry was pleased with himself. He kept joking about his titanium knees doing the trick. We called it an early night and came home to watch a bit of TV. We're almost out of room on our DVR as we don't seem to get much TV time lately. I taped several Christmas programs and movies over the holidays so hopefully we can spend a bit of time to enjoy a few of them soon.

Well, that's it for now, we're off to bed. Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend also. Goodnight....

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