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Well it is hard to believe that we spent 12 days in Chiang Mai. There certainly seems to be a difference in the different areas of Thailand. I saw more older travellers here than in any other part of Thailand. It seems there is a huge community of ex-pats from all over the world. It is no wonder because Thailand is an extremely inexpensive country, and Chiang Mai is certainly the least expensive area we found. I heard Cory and Elaine talking, and if they booked a guesthouse for a month, and ate quite simply with fruit for breakfast, and a simple lunch and dinner, they could live on around $800.00 a month. However, having travelled with them for as long as I have I know they would want to splurge on the occasional dinner, and have some drinks and massages. Even if you added $700.00 the monthly bill would be $1500.00. That would be living fairly rich.

Even though we were here for 12 nights we can’t include the night we arrived because it was so late, and the next day, we were away all day with the visa run. Then you eliminate the 4 days one or the other or both of them were sick, and stuck close to home, it seems our time in Chiang Mai wasn’t that much.

I am glad that we did the things that we did, and know that there are still many things that we could do in Chiang Mai. It is a good thing that we missed a few things, we will have things to do when we return. I know that we will be returning to Thailand and can actually see us spending quite a bit of time here in the future.

Tomorrow we begin our journey to Luang Prabang, Laos. We have heard mixed reviews, and are open minded to what we will experience. As it borders Thailand, I have no doubt that there will be many similarities. Laos has a French influence, so we have been told we can expect baguettes and crepes, as well as traditional Laos cuisine. Not exactly sure what that is, but it is part of the adventure.

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