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Pumpkin Inukshuk

Senior Inukshuk with cane

Wooden Inukshuk

Seagulls enjoying the wind and waves

More seagulls and waves

Hi Friends,

Here are a few remaining Inukshuks built by the people living along Highway 19A. The 2010 Olympic torch welcoming committee suggested the residents of Campbell River build Inukshuks to welcome the torch at the beginning of November. We thought these three were quite unique: one was built using pumpkins for the feet and head; the other has a cane in his hand and lives near a senior’s home; the last one was built using wood – making it quite unique as well. I was quite lucky to actually have the camera today to catch this view of the seagulls flying over the waves as they come crashing onto the shore.

We are getting ready to head to the mainland soon to pick up Angela and her family from the Abbotsford airport. I am so happy this fall to have the girls fly out to visit with us. I only wish it was for a longer time….oh well….at least they are here!

Hope everyone is well and happy – till later, Peter & Connie

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