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Breakfast at the Corner Bakery

Before we get started

Bill and Brian carrying in plants

The rose trees have been removed

Working on planting the new plants

Starting to plant the new plants.

The plants are in the ground ready for mulching

A succulent garden

Turning on the new sprinklers to take care of the new plants

Two new trees along the fence

Houses perched high on the cliffs overlooking Laguna Beach

The sun going down on the Pacific Ocean at Laguna Beach

Oh wouldn't it be terrible to have to live like this?

Down on the beach

A sculpture in the park at Treasure Island Park

Bill on a bench in Treasure Island Park

This parking lot is so California

A nice shot of the beach and the cliffs and the sun...

The hillside was covered with houses overlooking the beach and Pacific Ocean

and down goes the sun

California Trip -- Day 15

We arose and decided to have breakfast at the "Corner Bakery". I was familiar with this place from eating at the bakery while in Chicago. We had Anaheim Scrambler and a Banana Muffin.

We then headed to work on Brian and Emily's pation landscaping. We made our first stop at Lowe's and picked up a variety of plants. We then took them to the houses to share with the kids and decide on other options for plants. Brian, Bill and I went to Home Depot to look at other plants and picked out more to fill in the planting area.

We dug up the tall rose trees and put two of them in pots for decoration on the patio.

We ditched the others for Brian and Emily to decide their fate. We arranged the plants.

We had a variety of heights, shades of green and other colors, succulent plants and flowering plants. We made a pleasant arrangement

We planted the plants and stood back to admire the accomplishment. We will mulch the area tomorrow.

Bill and I decided to take a ride on the bikes. We left Brian and Emily's around 4:00 pm and rode to the RV and arrived at approximately 6:15 pm. We rode up to Laguna Beach to look around...I love Laguna Beach. Then we headed North on Pacific Coast Highway which runs along the coast. We headed inland at around Huntington Beach. We rode through Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar and into Huntington Beach...where we headed inland to the Rv.

We ended the night by eating at Shakey's Pizza and enjoyed some tv at the rv before going to bed.

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