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Augie's RV Park in Gila Bend, New Mexico

More desert wtih the mountains getting closer and closer.

The mountains were spectacular in the background

A concrete river flowing along the interstate

Heading into the mountains

Heading to Yuma, California on the other side of the mountains.

Coming out of the mountains

Reservoirs of waters

The green fields of El Centro

Entering California and another change of time

Mountains, desert and green fields.

A checkpoint along the interstate...this area of the interstate ran along the...

The sandstorms on the dunes

The winds were blowing the sand 70-80 miles per hour

The river that runs through the dunes

Another section of the mountains

A beautiful picture of the mountains

The wind propellers that generate electricity

Buddy and Buster want to know if we are there yet.

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The dune sandstorm

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Driving through the sandstorm

California Trip -- Day 9

Day 9 started early!

We left Augie's RV Park in Gila Bend, New Mexico knowing that we wanted to make it all the way to Los Angeles. On the map it didn't seem like a whole lot of highway to cover but we learned by the end of the day that there was alot to cover.

As we left Gila Bend the landscape didn't change much from what we had been seeing. But the living conditions of people living in the desert environment appeared to be more and more meager. The homes down on the desert floor that we did see were nothing more than shacks. As we got closer to California and closer to leaving the desert conditions the home were perched on top of the hills overlooking the desert. These houses were much nicer than the homes that they looked upon.


When we reached Yuma, NM the landscape changed to mountains and we made our way through the mountains admiring the beautiful mountains. There were two types of mountain structures that we noticed. One type was obvious that they were in the front of a glacier that probably pushed through this land eons ago. The other type was a mountain terrain that was created by some tremendous upheaval of the earth's layers.

As we came out of the mountains the first time we arrived at El Centro. The landscape started as desert again until we arrived in the town. Everything became green and lush. We stopped for lunch and returned to the RV to continue. I started reading some information on El Centro and the area. El Centro is a totally designed area with an intricate irrigation system. It is now the largest producer of lettuce in the world due to the irrigation of the area. As soon as we left El Centro the landscape turned to desert again until we reached the next set of mountains that was the descending side of the earlier set of mountains.

Then we reached the dunes. I noticed the area indicated on the road map. I was excited to see the dunes .... until we arrived there... We hit a sandstorm! For 80 - 100 miles it was a blizzard of sand....very low visibility. The winds were blowing probably 70-80 miles an hour. When we finally cleared the area, we stopped to check things out...we noticed that the blowing sand had sandblasted the frame of the motorcycle trailer. Luckily it didn't appear to do any damage to the motorcycles or the motorhome. Even though we had the windows and vents closed, the inside of the RV had a coating of sand dust. Check out the video on here.

We finally arrived in the LA area. We first went to the campground that we had booked several months ago. When we arrived we found out that the campsite had no electricity, water, or sewage...we then had to frantically locate a new place. We finally found a place in Anaheim.

After setting up, we rode the bikes to see the new grandchild, James, and Brian and Emily. Let me say this....riding the bikes on the LA freeway is a frightening experience....

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