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The Hanford gang


My "twin" - I'm the better looking twin, of course

JJ gets ready for school





Ugly scenery near Bakersfield


The hills get greener as we get closer to the coast




This morning, the weather gods - or rather the Fog God - was not watching out for us and we woke up to fairly heavy fog in Hanford. But, we got a chance to visit with my nephew David who was just getting ready to go to work, and with my brother Jim, who was just getting home from work. We also got to visit with all the older kids before they left for school, leaving Amanda at home with her two little ones. It was so good to be able to see everyone.


We left Hanford around nine o'clock. John said it looked like the fog had lifted, but by the time we got to Lemoore, it was pretty socked in. But after we got through Lemoore, in the distance, we could see the outline of the hills where it looked like the sun might be shining and sure enough, by the time we reached Highway 5, it was clear. Whew!!


There is no easy way to get to Lompoc and Jalama Beach. It is a long way from everywhere. I decided not to go across Highway 41 into Paso Robles but stayed on Hwy 5 instead to Bakersfield and then we cut through the coastal mountains down into Santa Maria. The drive down Hwy 5 is boring and out through the countryside through Taft, it is downright ugly with oil wells everywhere. Any way you travel it, it is a long way, and makes for a long day. By the time we reached Santa Maria and Lompoc, we were exhausted. We decided not to stop for groceries before heading to the beach.


We have been apprehensive about returning to Jalama Beach. It has been two years since we were here last and according to their web site, they have changed some of the rules of camping. We had decided that if it had changed, we could always go to Pismo Beach, but we really want to camp at Jalama Beach. When we got into Lompoc, we were too excited to stop and spend any more time in town, so we headed out to the beach. I figured we would have enough food to get us through.


The hills are just starting to turn green. The grass is growing but the left over dead grass from last summer is still higher than the new grass so it doesn't show up - yet. In the valley driving to the beach, the pastures were emerald green. We had forgotten how beautiful the drive is. So far, there were no changes. They were even still working on the road like they were two years ago.


Finally, we climbed the last hill up to the top of the range, and over the top and . . .

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