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We found this interesting design on the interstate wall ouitside of Los...

We saw numerous trains as we crossed the desert.

Mountains popped up out of the desert all through the desert

We crossed into Arizona

At a rest stop in the desert this pile of rock rubble...

We found our first In-N-Out in Tucson Arizona

Downtown Tucson Arizona

Here is Gary outside of the entrance to Casa Grande Ruins

An ancient dwelling of the HoHoKaw people.

This 4 story building was made from a mixture that was found...

Bill in front of a saguera cactus

Leaving the Casa Grande Ruins

The saguera cacti all over the the preserve

We ate our dinner at Little Italy in Gila Bend, Arizona

California Trip -- Day 8

After spending the night at a terrific KOA in Los Cruces, New Mexico, we headed west. We were not sure where we were going to end up for the day, but we just went west on Interstate 10.

As we headed into the New Mexico desert, it became obvious that there were not many sights to see. Many of the places were natural sights or desert preserves so we skipped many of these opportunities.

The landscape in the New Mexico and Arizona desert was totally different than the Texas desert. The desert today was one in which very little survives without water. The air was dry as well as the ground. The environment appeared to say...if you want to survive, you need to irrigate. The only things that appeared to even slightly survive were near irrigation ditches. The rivers/washes were totally dry...there was no water at all anywhere during the drive through the desert.

We finally decided to stop at Casa Grande Ruins outside of Tucson, Arizona. I was aware of this place because I remember teaching about the place in one of the Open Court Reading stories. The Casa Grande Ruins were the remnants of a prehistoric people who lived in the desert several thousand years ago. The 4 story dwelling was built by a mixture of sand, limestone and other mineral found 2 feet below the surface. The HoHoKaw people were very ingenious people who used the environment to their advantage.

We ended the day by stopping in Gila Bend, Arizona.

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