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The church

Is she late?

Here comes the bride

Inside the church

Nonns, Hel and the boys

The married couple

Helen, nonna and zia Lina

the reception

the boys and Monia

Gormitis transcend all languages

Helen and Zio Rino

More reception

Maria and family

Still playing with Gprmitis the next day


Zia Lina's house

Monfumo hills

Helen and nonns

monfumo walk

a nonno story on the way

a fig stop

Rino and Roberto's houses in the distance

work on the farm

Bruno at work

Rino spraying the grapes

Bye for now.

Italy and a Wedding!

We were finishing school soon. It is very different finishing a school year at the end of June. It is good in a way. There are no Christmas preparations and the weather is nice and sunny. The school is used to staff leaving and there are so many that farewell speeches are kept short. We are planning for holidays as well as finishing off school work and buying another car. We could not stand driving around Europe in the old Volkswagen. School finished on June 27th and we had Helen’s cousins Monia’s wedding in Italy the next day. We bought our car (an Opel (Holden) Zafira) in the last week of term. The car had 7 seats if we needed it that would also come in handy. We managed the paperwork and insurance – we think! So on the 27th we left home about 4pm and drove to Italy.

We arrived about 9pm at Monfumo and saw Helen’s mum and dad for the first time in over a year. It was all very exciting. The next day we were off to the wedding. The boys got watches from the nonn’s (nonno and nonna) and were trying to figure out if the bride was late.

The wedding was in Italian so Helen will need to explain more, but it was a lovely and happy wedding.

The reception was at on old building – some kind of mill and was set up beautifully with tents and food inside the old rooms. There was a little creek and grassy bits for the boys to play and get dirty on. Aaron and Nathan overcame the language barrier and played with their 3rd cousins(?) with gormitis. I think they just had to make grunting noises and bang the characters together.

The wedding started about 11am. Some family members went to the bride’s house at 10am. Food and drink and song and dance kept coming until we left about 9pm when another group of younger friends were arriving. I think it was going to be a very big day for some people.

The next day we went to Zia Lina’s to say goodbye to all the cousins from Pesaro as they headed off. There were lots of Italian emotions and tears (Helen will be able to elaborate further).

We had another couple of days in Monfumo before the next part of our holiday. The boys enjoyed talking and walking with nonna in the Monfumo hills and we saw some of the farm work before driving onto Croatia.

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