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Helen and I receive a personal day. As hardworking, stressed teachers, who do not get enough time off, we are given a day to use as we want which we negotiate with the school.

On our day off we organised for the boys to be picked up by friends while we drove to Dachau. We did not want to bring the boys there and took the opportunity to go on or own.

It was a sobering experience and we were glad we didn't bring the boys. We listened to audio as we walked around and as well as the factual info there are first hand accounts from survivors. It obviously isn't an uplifting experience but that part of history needed to be recognised. There were memorials and as you walk around you notice how quiet it is.

There seemed to be one walking tour there, but it was a very somber place and had been tastefully set up for visitors.

After that we needed something more uplifting - Beer and Brezen! We went into Dachau (the town) and found a lovely street and pub and had on of our favourite things here - brezen with obadza (a cheesy dip) and beer.

After which we headed back to Starnberg for dinner by the lake. It can be quite civilized without too little boys sometimes! We should do it more often!

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