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Leaving San Antonio and heading toward El Paso

The terrain turned mountainous

The various layers in the cuts in the hills showed that this...

The landscape was dotted with many windmills.

Oil drills were an occasional sight along Interstate 10

These sheep and goats were in fences but there were many who...

The landscape became very flat and the road straight

Plateaus sprang up all over the landscape

The plateaus became mountains

We made it to New Mexico just as the sun was going...

An interesting sign all over the rest area

A beautiful New Mexico sunset.

California Trip -- Day 7

We left San Antonio early in the morning after packing up from 2 wonderful days there.

We headed toward El Paso. The trip across Texas was going to be a tough one. It was a long trip of 550+ miles crossing over mountains and desert. In searching the books for places to stop, we found that there was very little there besides forts. We did find the Caverns of Sonoma which we will visit on our way back home. Also checking out the tourists books we found that many places had shorter hours or were closed on Sunday so we decided to drive through the state.

The scenery was a mish-mash of different environments. First we saw large hills (not quite mountains) and plateaus mixed among the trees and brush. Then they turned to mainly plateaus with mainly brush. The brush soon thinned out and cactus were added to the landscape. Then it became mainly just desert with no color at all.

The desert area was scattered here and there with cattle, sheep, and goats. The homes were few and far apart. There were very few towns of any size as we made our way across Texas.

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