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The entrance to La Villita

One of the artists shops that was once a historic home and...

The stage across the Riverwalk where Sandra Bullock performed in Miss Congeniality

The plaza and fountain at La Villita

The entrance to Hemisfair of the 1968 World's Fair

The Tower of the Americas

One of the historic homes in the Hemisfair Park that were part...

Inside the Tower of the Americas

The fountain outside the Tower

Another fountain between the Tower and the Institute of Texas Cultures

The fountain between the Tower and the San Antonio Convention Center

The Alamodrome from the top of the Tower

The Institute of Texas Cultures

A working loom at the Institute

A teacher's desk on display

An example of an ancient style of home

The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

The bar...the place was covered with animal heads

More heads

Stuffed animal displays in the saloon

The entrance to the Market Square

These carriages carried passengers all over the place in downtown San Antonio

I found this old theatre as we were driving around the city

California Trip -- Day 6

It was really nice to stay in one place for two days in a row.

We slept in until 8:00 am and finally got rolling around 9:30 am and headed into the city.

Our first stop was in La Villita. It is a artsy-fartsy section of the city. Many of the artists shop are older homes that have been moved from other points in the city. The houses are historic homes and moving them was a way of preserving them. There were all kinds of art forms from copper crafts to stained glass to ceramic, weaving and paintings. There were numerous pieces of art that were wonderful but out of my price range...

La Villita was also a gathering place with a central plaza with a large fountain. The theatre in the plaza is also the theater in which the bathing suit competition in "Miss Congeniality" was filmed with Sandra is alson on the Riverwalk.

We moved down the street to the Hemisfair Park. This park was the location for the 1968 World's Fair. Within the park still remains the Tower of the Americas, the Institute of Texas Cultures, and numerous fountains and remnants of the World's Fair. The San Antonio Convention Center is also located within the park.

We visited the Tower of the Americas. It is a single structure that rises to 750 feet with an outside glass elevator. An observation deck and a Chart Room restaurant in also located on the top.

We hopped on our bikes and took a ride several blocks away to the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum. This place was so much fun! It is an old time saloon that houses a Western museum, the Texas Ranger Museum and quite a collection of mounted animal heads. We enjoyed a filling lunch at the saloon.

We finally made our way to the Market Square. This place was a huge outdoor and indoor market. You could find almost anything that your heart desires there. There were mariachi bands and singers all over the place performing and shop keepers hawking their wares in the open air.

We finally made our way back home to get ready for leaving San Antonio tomorrow. We hope to make our way to El Paso or further tomorrow. It will be a tiring day because we will be heading into the Texas desert and there is nothing between here and El Paso.

A short walk from the Tower is the Institute for Texas Cultures. This institute is a museum of the various cultures that exist in Texas. There are many exhibits that were quite fascinating.

We t

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