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Breakfast at IHOP in Alabama

The Bankhead Tunnel going into Mobile...we had to stop to check to...

I think these were the only high rise buildings in Mobile...I thought...

The Barton School...the oldest school building in Mobile. It is still in...

An example of some of the inner city architecture in Mobile.

The entrance to the USS Alabama Park

The Calamity Jane...a B 52 bomber

The Church of the Immaculate Conception

Lots of gold inside the church

Looking at the park across the street from the church

The stone pergola with the dancing fountains.

The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion....a fine southern home...

The parlor of the mansion.

One of the bedrooms with an original period dress.

Two handsome guys at the entrance to the mansion

Bill making his way down the steep winding staircase of the mansion

Welcome to can read this welcome sign...I made Bill pull off...

Driving into Biloxi you could see destroyed things like this bridge

Rather than using a drawbridge...this bridge turns to let boats through the...

A coastal mansion once stood here before Katrina

But then right next door, this house was spared from the hurricane

A Biloxi Casino...the Boomtown Casino...we spent an hour in here....I lost $20,...

Welcome to Gulfport.

Bill making his way up the entrance steps to Beauvois...the home of...

The front door to Beauvois

This is a handpainted wall design that appears through the home...The entire...

The view from the front porch of Beauvois.

It is getting dark as we make our way into Louisiana and...

We had dinner at the New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Co...Bill had...

The boys needed some attention from a bust day of traveling and...

A Busy but Rainy Southern Day -- California Trip Day 2

The day was long...we were busy all day long with moving around from place to place...and trying to keep dry from all of the rain. The photos on this page are only a few of the number that were taken today.

We left the campsite in Alabama and headed into Mobile after having breakfast at IHOP. We made our way toward Mobile and made our first stop to the USS Alabame Battleship. There were all kinds of planes, ships, helicopters, and other memorabilia. The fog from the water gave it all a kind of eerie touch.

After leaving the USS Alabama, we headed into Mobile. We first stopped at the Church of the Immaculate Conception. This is the oldest church in the area. The inside was gilded everywhere. The outside of the church had a manicured side garden. Across the street was a park that had a wonderful stone pergola with a dancing fountain.

We took the RV into downtown Mobile to see some of the wonderful homes and historic shops. We didn't really go into any because it was a difficult task to drive the big rig into the narrow streets and then try to find a place to park it all.

The next stop in Mobile was the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion. What a beautiful sight! This home was recently restored after sitting empty for over 15 years. The interior of the home was so ornate and was totally restored to its original 1836 style. Most of the furniture wasn't original to the house but were period pieces that had been acquired.

We then headed out of Alabama and toward Mississippi.

After leaving Mobile we decided to go along the Gulf coast on US 90. Almost as soon as we hit Mississippi, you could still see the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. You could see where big estates had been totally destroyed from the storm surge and the winds. Katrina spared very little and it was amazing to see the here and there an old home would be fine from the destruction and all around it NOTHING!

Biloxi was really destroyed from the hurricane. There is still evidence but much of it has been reconstructed. There were quite a few people still living in motorhomes or RV's on their property that had once had a home. Many of the hotels and casinos had been rebuilt to boost the economy in Biloxi.

We visited Jefferson Davis' home, Beauvois, in Biloxi. It had been almost destroyed in the 2005 hurricane and was just recently reopened to the public. There is still a lot of rebuilding on the property.

We left Biloxi and drove down the coast past Gulfport where we rejoined Interstate 10 and headed toward New Orleans. Again once we hit outside of New Orleans the destruction was so obvious in the urban areas especially. We made our way to a KOA campground in the city to prepare for the next day. We are hoping that the rain will stop so that we can do some touring on the motorcycles.

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