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We were sad to leave the cute town of Luang Prabang but we knew we need to move on, so we made the 6 hr bus ride to Vang Vieng with Verity and Carrie-Anne. Still completely at awww of the beautiful landscape of Laos we spent the first 4 hrs with our forehead stuck to the window trying to take it all in. The big public bus wineded through the most beautiful mountains. Along side the road were small villages with their traditional huts made from Bamboo in a cris-cross pattern. They were adorable!!!! After about 4 hrs our bladders were bursting. The bus suddenly came to a stop in the middle of the road and all the guys jumped off the bus and walked 5 feet to the edge of the cliff and went pee right in front of the bus! All the girls (there were only about 5 of us) were totally pissed. Where did they expected us the pee?! We tried to ask and the bus driver seemed completely clueless on why we were hesitant to pee right there. We had no choice. So Becky and I got the TP walked into the brush and tried to stop before the cliff and squat! Ok, So I will admit I've peed on the side of the road numerous times, but I've never had to go with so little coverage or on the side of a big cliff. But at least the view was breathtaking! *** A little later I changed into shorts and found a long (over 1 foot) piece of grass in my pants and a bug bit on my upper thigh. heheheh pretty funny :)

Vang Vieng is a very popular tourist destination with the top activity being tubing down the river and getting drunk beyond comprehension. Then the entire next day you spend you day recovering in a local bar/restaurant watching old episodes of Friends or Family Guy. This wasn't on the top of our list of things to do. I guess Becky and I are getting too old :( So we decided to take a relaxing day off! We slept in, and went for a short walk, and watched The Beach (stupidest movie) , had dinner, then watched a few episode of Friends. It was a much need and great lazy day.

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