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Underground City

Me looking hot in the Underground City

Fairy Chimneys

Me in the Goreme Valley

Today we where picked up at 9.30am for our tour of Capadocia.

We first went to a lookout which overlooks the town of Goreme. It was amazing there are all these little holes cut into the rocks. They where used for pidgens the local people would collect the droppings and use on the farms and gardens as fertiliser.

Next stop was an underground city. This was used by local people from the early fivehundreds right up until the first world war. Thecity we went into had 7 levels and was about 50 - 60 meters deep. It is estimated that they could hold up to 5000 people in them. But I will give you a tip, they must of been a lot smaller back then becasue some of the tunnels where a little small.

Next stop was a gorge that was created by an earthquake a long time ago, and the river has since carved it out. It has 10 churches carved into the side of the cliffs, the local monks and nuns would live there to stay away from the rest of the population. After a 3km walk down the gorge we had lunch on the side of a creek, then back on the bus.

A little way down the road we stopped at four churches and a monestary that was carved into some caves and have been there for 100's of years.

Then we went to a local town that is famous for pottery and seeing no one else decided to volunter to have a go on the wheel, I did. And I must say I did a fine job. They are putting it in the kilm for me and I am sending it home, you will see how good I am.

After that we went to the fairy chimneys. They look like little chimny stacks sticking out of the ground.

Then back to the pension for a rest and out to dinner/

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