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you can't see me

one of many orchids
















I am absolutely amazed at the number of excursions and activities there are to do in Chiang Mai. Our next stop turned out to be quite a relaxing and pretty place. It was pretty not only to the eyes, but also to the nose. We went to an orchid farm. For only $2.00 Cory and Elaine purchased entry into the small farm. The friendly Thai girl that took their money pinned then with an orchid corsage. It was very lovely. She apologized that it really isn’t the season, so there aren’t too many specimens. I was surprised at how small the area was. I was also surprised at how many different types of orchids there are. Elaine mentioned that she carried an orchid bouquet at their wedding in the Cook Islands. All this time I have been telling people I am purple, well, the reality is I am orchid coloured. One of the pictures that I am going to post, I call the camouflage orchid, because you can’t see me. The flowers are grown hanging in the air with no soil for nutrients. It is really the strangest thing. After our calm, leisurely stroll through the orchid gardens my heartbeat returned to normal, and we returned to our waiting tuk tuk driver who took us back to the hotel. We dropped some stuff off at the room, and then went out for a bite to eat. Then we went back to the room. Elaine did not feel that great after eating, so it was a relaxing night at home. Whatever it was that had hit Elaine had now hit Cory and today it seems to be his turn running back and forth to the bathroom. We had plans to start making our way to Laos tomorrow, but I think we will hold off one more day, to see how they are both doing. Too bad they weren’t more like me… I have a rubber stomach, and nothing affects it. Although I imagine some tiger’s teeth could do some serious damage.

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