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I guess we arrived a little bit early

the really awful band

some of the younger, lighter fighters

kick, kick, kick

"are you looking at me?"

" I knocked you down, can I give you a hand up?"

I had to stay home tonight as Cory and Elaine deemed that their evening plans were too violent for me. I really appreciate the way they watch out for me, but I have watched UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) on the TV (television) before. Maybe it is different when you go to see it live.

So my report is based on what they told me when they got home.

I had waved good-bye as they headed out for a tuk tuk ride to Kawila Boxing Stadium. The fights start at 9:00 p.m. and can go to midnight. There were 9 fights advertised to be on the ticket for tonight.

The stadium looks like an old skating arena with the ice and bleachers taken out. It is getting colder in the evenings here, and both Cory and Elaine complained about how cold the stadium was. Apparently it was obvious to tell the difference between the farangs (tourists) and the locals. The locals were wearing jeans and jackets. The Thai people are small of stature and Elaine and Cory laughed when they got handed the program for the night. Eight of the nine fights had a weight class between 47 and 53 kg or 103-117 lbs. It used up too many brain cells for Cory and Elaine to recall when last they fit into this weight class. The international fight of the evening was at the 70 kg or 154 lb class.

A really horrendous band started playing music about 15 minutes before the fights started. Cory and Elaine’s seats were near the red corner, and they had front row, ringside seats. There is quite a ceremony at the start of each fight. Each fighter bows to their corner and then circles around the ring in a counter clockwise circle stopping at each of the other 3 corners. They then head to the centre of the ring and have a ritual type dance that they perform to each of the four sides. Each dance was as varied as the fighters.

All the commentary was as expected in Thai, so it was difficult for Cory and Elaine to understand everything that was happening. They did witness a couple of knockouts, and noticed that the referees are far more involved than what they have seen on UFC.

When the Australian walked out for his International fight, Cory and Elaine knew there would be no contest. He had a huge height and reach advantage on his opponent. It appeared that his opponent had been force fed to reach the weight for this category. He did not have the rippled musculature of the other contestants. The fight ended very quickly in the first round.

Cory and Elaine decided not to stick around for the final fight, as they wanted to catch a tuk tuk before all the other farangs grabbed them. When they exited the stadium there was one tuk tuk, and they grabbed it. As they drove away they laughed at the flood of tourists leaving the stadium.

It was an enjoyable evening, and it was something they have been trying to do for quite a while, so another item is checked off of the to do list. I think they might attend another fight night, and they might just take me next time. I hope so!

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