Miami Winter Number 5 travel blog

White Morpho butterflies float while other flutter!

butterflies love those powderpuff flowers

giant swallowtail

Banded Morpho

Owl butterflies love bananas

interesting specimens

Tree Nymph

Piano Key

might be a broad-tail hummingbird

Sparkling violet ear hummingbird

emerging case where new butterflies are born

new Dryadulas

nesting material in its mouth

so many colors!

lots of butterflies down there

Thoas Swallowtail

piano key

Hortense on an African Sunflower

Passiflora "Peter Lawrence"

Passiflora "Inspiration" my favorite

trumpet type flower loves the sun

Lady Gouldian finch - like Jeanne's

Red-checked Cordon-bleu

very well camouflaged

Yellow-legged Honeycreeper

so many colorations in finches

might be female red-legged honeycreeper

gathering of Macaws

Jeanne is loving this!

Lorikeets preen each other

looks like they also whisper to each other

one nipped my ear while other pecked my shirt

I've been to the Butterfly World in Key West and thought that if I saw one, I saw them all. But this one is the first one in the Western hemisphere and the largest one in the world! It has 10 different sections where you could see their laboratory, cases of pupae where butterflies emerge from their cocoons, aviaries, a rain forest, gardens, and a plant shop beside their museum and gift shop. Thanks much to Jeanne and Laurie who bought me a year membership so that I can go back whenever I want this winter!

Besides hundreds of butterflies, they have aviaries with hummingbirds and finches, and a place where you can have lorikeets on your shoulders and arms, expecially if you feed them a cupful of nectar! Some of the gardens have exotic flowers, but then there are exotic butterflies and hummingbirds here too! It was a great afternoon and I will be back!

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