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Waiting for the drops to penetrate my ear

Cory waiting for the approaching ferry

It was a very bumpy ride to Haad Rin. I had not been on this road before, and even though Cory and Elaine tried to prepare me, my purple hands were white knuckled at some points from supporting myself and trying not to get bounced around too much.

Whew, is all I can say for when it was finally over. Cory and Elaine dropped off the luggage before we headed to the Clinic to have her ear checked out.

Medical can be a concern when you are in another country, and what better reason to check it out than with an earache. Despite the fact that Elaine suffered with her tonsils until she had them removed at 26, she had not suffered with earaches. I knew she was in pain, because she had a really tough time sleeping last night. We know from Cory’s trip to the dentist that the cost is minimal, so let’s see what a trip to the doctor’s costs.

We arrive into an empty office, and Cory calls out “Hello”. Two girls arrive from the back, and we explain to them we would like to see the doctor about a sore ear. As we expected we have to fill out a number of forms. While Elaine is doing this, the nurse is checking her temperature, and taking her blood pressure.

The doctor walks in through the same door we entered and we go into the Doctor’s room. I know it was the doctor’s room, because that is what the sign above the door said.

First he checked out the pain free ear and then looked in the other one. Elaine winced when he stuck the thing in her ear. He confirmed that it was infected, and also told them the other ear has water in it. He had her lie down while the nurse put some antibiotic drops in her ears. He gave them some drops to take with them, as well as something else to help clear up the other ear before it becomes infected.

This visit to the doctor cost $1990 Thai baht. This equates to around $67.00 Canadian dollars. The break down was 500 baht for the doctor, 200 baht for the nurse and the most expensive part was the medicine at 1290 baht. This equals around $43.00 Canadian dollars.

The process was fairly quick and pain free (other than the pain when he looked in her ear), and now we had some time to wander around Haad Rin before we caught the ferry.

We bumped into the fellow that we had told we would catch a ride with him at 1:00 pm and he wasn’t too impressed that we went with someone else. It was obvious from his facial expressions and body language that he was not happy. Even hearing that we had to come earlier for a medical reason did not seem to soften him. We told him when we come back we would stay at his place. He just grunted, so I don’t think we will.

When Cory and Elaine stopped for a bite to eat, I heard Elaine tell Cory the last time she had an ear infection, was when she had that horrible cold on the cruise in 2001 with Steve and Debbie. Hmmm….is it too premature to say that there is a possible connection?

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