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Poco enjoying a drink. He still has paint from Full Moon Party...

Another peaceful evening

Nice Beach Resort Restaurant from the beach

Having spent the last 9 days on Ko Lanta on a really nice beach, it is hard for Cory and Elaine to wrap their minds around the fact that it is November. Today is November 11, and we have not seen a poppy except on Facebook, or on some TV newscasts from either USA or Britain. Back home everybody is probably putting on their hats, gloves and winter jackets. It looks like we are remembering those who died while we gaze out at the crystal clear blue water. It is ironic that news is covering the deaths in the USA at Fort Hood by a Muslim, while we are in a country surrounded by Muslims. I don’t think I knew that Thailand was a mixture of Buddhists and Muslims. I thought it was full of Buddhist Monks dressed in their orange robes, only to discover that some areas, including Ko Lanta, have a huge Muslim Population. Nice Beach Resort where we have spent the last 9 days has a staff that are mostly Muslim. The women all wear head coverings, and many wear a burka. A number of the men also wear prayer hats. (I am sure there is another name for it, but I don’t know it – I know it is not a yarmulke). The other thing they all wear is a smile, and it is hard to wrap our brains around the fact that these people are part of a religion that seems at times to have a large number of extremists. I have heard Elaine say that she wouldn’t make a very good Muslim, because she is not about to go around covered from head to toe, and if by some remote chance she did, she would not allow Cory to run around in western wear. I guess that wouldn’t allow her to be a Muslim, because she wouldn’t be allowed to tell Cory what he could or could not wear.

On this day of Remembrance, we are thankful to be Canadians, and live in a country that honours and celebrates freedom, and remembers those who fought so we could have it.

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