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fire dancer

Plans have been made and on November 12, we will be leaving Ko Lanta and going to Ko Samui. It means we have spent 9 days here, and really have done very little. We haven’t rented scooters, or toured around at all. We have spent some time talking with fellow travellers here, and enjoying some of the local cuisine.

One day Cory was contemplating contacting his mother in law, Rose (remember her, I met her in Spain) to complain about Elaine. You see she was checking out this fire dancer at one of the other restaurants right in front of Cory.

I had a chat with Elaine just to get her side of the story and this is what she told me.

They have seen many fire dancers since being in Thailand, and some are quite talented, especially the guy that swung fire strings while standing on a tightrope. Many of the dancers from Ko Phi Phi, dazzle and entertain their audiences. Anybody up to try fire skipping? Yes, you can jump a rope that is on fire. They didn’t see anybody try it other than the locals.

OK, back to this fire dancer. Elaine says he is not a fire dancer, but one who dances with fire. He was like a ballerina, moving in rhythm to the music, as he hypnotized the crowd.

Elaine has always been a big fan of dance movies, especially Dirty Dancing and Flashdance, and insists it was his dancing that captivated her. She says it had nothing to do with his naked torso that was glistening from the heat of the fire, or the rippled muscles. She says she gets to see a glistening torso everyday, as Cory melts in the heat. Besides with the weight he has lost she can start to see some ripples there.

She did capture a few photos, and even a short video which I hope I can post on the journal. See if you are not impressed with the way he moves!

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