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We annexed ourselves to this camp-- Chico and Janelle from Dallas.

Great bus and great sunrise!

Another of our neighbors at sunrise. I must have brought the camera...

Here's the front of the giant steamboat art car.

At the Esplanade in front of Spanky's Playground. The man and women...

The playa just after sunrise.

DeEtta's ready for another fun picture-taking day!

Lindsay with a peacock feather.

Chad near the rocket, which was scheduled to "blast off" tonight.

One of Chico and Janelle's papier mache creatures.

I remember Deanna and Marshall putting the purple fuzzy stuff on the...

Another creature



Dudes, quit fighting! Burning Man is supposed to be peaceful.

Derek and his mud man.

We had so much fun taking these pictures.

DeEtta checks her camera while Chad bonds with his mud man.

Don't ask, don't tell...

We visited "Bus-zilla" at VW Camp

This camp must have had 30 or 40 VWs of every shape...

Lots of Westies! It really made us miss Floyd.

Derek and Chad waiting for us to get off the top of...

We were just about to leave VW camp when we saw this...

A giant "splittie"! Actually, it was an airport fire truck in a...

The great part was, it was totally unrelated to VW Camp, but...

After we left VW camp, we rode home, restocked our coolers, and...

And here it comes....the bus to Nowhere.

It really is going Nowhere.

The bus was full of "Euro Burners."

Getting on the bus

John on the bus.

Darin on the bus.

The Brits on the bus read the Financial Times and "ahem!"ed a...

"I say! You look like one of those dirty hippies."

The bus drove by the Man....

...and the Temple....

We've seen this Pyramid at Flipside since 2004 and I'm still too...

The bus stopped to pick up this guy.

The only dust devil we saw this 2006 there were some...

In the middle of our "tour," the bus stopped and all the...

They lined up and began a "walking" race.

This was one of our neighbors.

The bus had a stop at Center Camp (6:00).

Finally, we returned to 9:00. The three of us did the whole...

The sun sets on our near neighbor, the Flying Spaghetti Monster camp.

At night, the River Hat comes off and the FEZ comes on.

The rocket, waiting for takeoff.

Deanna on the right

The giant boom box art car.

A giant flaming art bike.

A giant flaming duck.

BUSY day today! Rode our bikes out on the playa to see Janelle and Chico's art installation, then rode to the other side of town to visit VW Camp. On our way back, we met the guy who drove the Nowhere Omnibus (the double decker bus from London), who ironically was an American. He told us he'd be near our side of town soon, so we rushed home, put our bikes away, and filled some travel coolers with beer. The bus was remarkably punctual (no "burner time" here!) and we were off on another adventure.

I believe tonight was the night we had burritos, courtesy of DeEtta and Chad. We remember that we poured some of the leftover green pork chili on top and made it extra good and spicy.

After dinner, everyone gathered in front of the rocket ship. "Something" was going to happen, but no one was really sure what. Some people thought the rocket would actually blast off and fly away! We searched the skies for our skydiving neighbor, who told us his team was doing a night jump with a cool light show to coincide with the rocket event. Unfortunately, it was VERY windy, so we waited and waited. After about an hour we said "screw this" and went back to camp. Shortly afterwards, we saw some big ka-booms over the tops of our neighbors' camps. However, we were having a fine time at camp and weren't terribly disappointed to miss the fireworks. We still had two nights of fire and more kabooms in store!

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