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An early start for the long drive to Chivay, again we are surrounded by beautiful scenery, which it is hard not to start taking for granted. There are so many upturned trucks along the route which in itself is quite sobering.

By now about half the truck are sick with gastric problems,so we have stocked up on medicines, which we hope by having will ward off any illness - talisman's against what at present seems like an inevitable situation.

Despite being at high altitude for weeks is still hard work...I think we are all looking forward to getting to the beach.

Colca Canyon...The incredibly bumpy road follows along the canyon rim with villages and vast agricultural terraces in the valley to the Cruz del Condor - a look out spot to see the mighty condors - the heaviest birds in the world that rely on the thermals to fly. The canyon is the third largest and second deepest ... not a good place for abseiling with the river a mighty 1200metres below!

There is also a good view of Mount Mismi that has now finally been discovered to be the source of the Amazon river.

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