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Our room at Voi Wildlife Lodge

View from our window

Termite hill

Secretary bird

Optional bushbreak choices

Back to Rukinga and today we decided to mix up the teams so Dale and I finally were separated (I’m sure many were happy with this as we have been dressing as twins over the past 2 days and some were having trouble telling us apart.) It was great to mix up the teams so we could learn more about each other, plus some of us have better hearing and sight, which is a real plus.

The temperature rose to nearly 100 degrees but it didn’t feel that hot when the van kept moving. We made frequent stops, scouring the savannah for elephants but came up short again today. We were all a bit disappointed but soon found out that seeing no elephants is also key information and this lets the researcher know that they have probably moved on to other feeding areas. We were able to view their fresh footprints and tree scrapings, so we knew there some were very close at hand.

Again today, we saw new wildlife, birds and insects. Several of the other volunteers are previous Earthwatch veterans and have a ton of knowledge to share with the rest of the novices. We marveled at the intricate trapdoor of the ground spider, a troupe of baboons, the engineering marvels of the 5 feet tall termite hills, and the ever popular dung beetle, whose job it is to wrap up the dung into a very tight ball for its egg laying purposes and in doing so, incorporates seeds and other plant life that need that step to germinate.

It is always a joy to come back to our canopied mosquito netting and the spectacular view of the waterhole from our room.

Dale here. All those years of training our eyes to scan under the microscope came in handy as we scanned the bush for wildlife. My group took a different route than Carol’s and it was fun to compare our notes, photos and the day’s experiences when we got back to the lodge. The concentration of our work, the excitement, and the bumping around in the vehicle took its toll – I went to bed early and slept like a rock!

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