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our decorated bed at Andaman

arrangement for Loy Krathong festival on night of full moon

Elaine getting ready to release the arrangement to the water

bad go away, good come back

It is autumn in Thailand - see the leaf falling in the...

view of the bay from up high

Cory and Elaine were lounging by the pool, when this fellow swam over and asked if they were Canadians or Americans. They quickly responded Canadians, to discover that they had at last met some more Canadians. Don and Margie are from Alberta and have come to Thailand to celebrate their engagement. Don has had an eventful 2009 starting with retiring from the RCMP in March and then getting engaged at Thanksgiving. Margie works for Calgary city police as a civilian member, and Don in anxiously awaiting her retirement coming up in about 4 years or so. Don and Margie had spent some time in Bangkok with her son and nephew, and then only one night in Phuket. The two couples shared the same feelings about Phuket.

Cory and Elaine were so excited to actually be talking to Canadians, and the more they talked the smaller the world became. Margie and Cory are from the same part of Alberta. Don’s family is from Cache Creek, and he has relatives on the coast and on the island.

A simple question asked in the pool led to a whole afternoon of conversation. Don and Margie think what Cory and Elaine are doing is absolutely great, and admire them for taking the step. I know it made Cory and Elaine feel good talking with somebody who understands and “gets” what they are doing.

Tonight there was going to be a full moon party on the island, and Don and Margie were going to check it out. Cory and Elaine decided to pass. The memory or lack of memory from the last one was the deciding factor.

Unfortunately, Cory and Elaine had already made plans for leaving the island the next day, as they would have enjoyed spending more time with Don and Margie.

The next morning the four sat together by the pool squeezing every last second out of their time together. Don and Margie shared how they had spent time talking about their fellow Canadians last night, and a bug had been planted in their brains. I can easily see them becoming category 2 people.

Addresses and phone numbers were exchanged, and Don summed it up best when he commented that it is amazing how you just know that you click. I know that we will have a trip to Calgary sometime in our future or they will come to Hope, and we will meet up again. We have even been offered a place to couch surf. Who knows, paths might cross again before Cory and Elaine get back home.

Hugs were exchanged as Cory and Elaine left for the pier to catch their boat. I could almost hear O Canada playing in their heads, as Cory and Elaine were happy, thankful and grateful to be Canadians and have had the opportunity to meet more great Canadians.

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