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Hello, my name is Poco and I drink Whatever

On the boat to Ko Phi Phi

This life preserver is probably too big for me.

Our bags can't be too heavy, or this guy is really strong....

It turned out to be a fairly relaxing week at Andaman Beach Resort. Relaxing certainly seems to be a common thread in my entries. The weather was smoking hot, and a couple of days even I thought my purple skin had turned a little bit pink. It seemed on our little touristy island that every night had some little celebration or reason for a party. They keep employment here by hiring people to hand out little coupons advertising the specials of the evening. Many of them involve fire shows, and if you are there 30 minutes after the show has begun with a coupon, you are entitled to a beverage of some kind. All times we chose not to take advantage of the free bucket, or buy 1 get 1 free. Ko Phi Phi is a very small island and is one of the areas that was hit by the December 26, 2006 Tsunami. Many of the places are new, obviously rebuilt following the tragedy that took many lives. Post Tsunami, their emergency preparedness people have done their jobs. The island is covered with warning and directional signs, advising which way to go in the event of another tsunami. Specific buildings are designated as meeting points, and they have containers ready and prepared with life saving supplies. A sign politely asks they not be disturbed except for a real emergency, which they hope does not happen.

The only motor vehicles that we saw on the island were 3 scooters, belonging to the Phi Phi police. It is easy to walk around the whole island, and check it out. The many hotels have staff that transport luggage back and forth from the pier to the hotels in a very large custom-made wheelbarrow. These wheelbarrows are also used to transport food and beverages to the various restaurants and shops. There is one very small hill on the way, and it takes 2 to 3 persons to push up the hill, and hold it back on the way down. The sidewalks are quite narrow and with tourists aimless wandering around looking at the sights and shops, we did witness a few near misses. Many of the locals have bicycles, and their voices are their horn when they sneak up on you and go beep beep or ding ding.

On one of our wanderings we stopped at a restaurant called Garlic 1992. We ate a dish of lovely fried vegetables in oyster sauce, and noticed a sign they had posted thanking a Swiss group for financial help allowing them to rebuild after the tsunami, and for all those who helped in other ways. It was the only sign like that we saw. It also explained why they had some Swiss dishes on the menu.

The competition for diving is huge, and we lost count of how many dive shops there were but it probably equalled the number of tattoo shops. I noticed Elaine and Cory looking inside and that questioning look come into their eyes. Should I or shouldn’t I?

As much as Ko Phi Phi is a touristy island it fits much more into Elaine and Cory’s category 2 people. The whole vibe was much different from Phuket.

The weather did not match the forecast, and although the reports indicated the skies were going to be cloudy, and thunderstorms were expected they did not materialize until late in the afternoon, if at all. This did mess with Cory and Elaine’s plans a little bit because they planned on taking a tour, which never happened. The tour would take them to some of the islands nearby to do some exploring and snorkelling. One stop would take you to James Bond Island, famous for the film Man with the Golden Gun or Maya Bay home to Leonardo Di Caprio when he was here filming the movie the Beach.

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