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We're back in Mesa after a 500 or so mile drive from Moab, Utah and it's great to be here again after our 5 month adventure. We're now in the process of getting everything cleaned and back to normal here in Mesa so that we can enjoy this very special place for the next 6 months or so. It took Packwood a little while to re-adjust to all of this space, a backyard to run and chase critters in, and a big garage to sleep in, but he's a very flexible and adaptable guy and has settled in very nicely. I think that he's just happy to be around us no matter where we are.

It is our plan to take regular side trips in the Dutch Star during the winter months to various places around the warm southwest, to include Tucson and the surrounding area, Yuma, maybe southern New Mexico,and who knows where else. We have no intention of sitting still for 6 months when there is a perfectly good Dutch Star sitting in a secured, 24/7 keypad accessible storage lot less than a mile from our Mesa home.

I'm going to be taking the Dutch Star to a local Cummins shop soon for the annual servicing on the Cummins engine and the Onan generator. I'll also be taking it to an Allyson transmission shop for servicing, to include changing to synthetic transmission fluid. I'm ordering new headlights, a fog light and numerous other small items from a Newmar dealer with the intention of fixing everything that I know of that is in need of fixing. When you are on the road continuously for an extended period of time things tend to accumulate that aren't urgent, but do need to be fixed eventually, and now that we will be in one place for a while I'm all over it. I want it to be in as good of shape as possible before leaving for Alaska next May. All of this is going to set me back a few bucks, but it's either pay me now or pay me much more later, as I see it. It would be real easy to let some of the smaller things go, but I think that's short sighted, and would eventually catch up with me.

How about that record breaking heat here in Mesa!! Close to 100 degrees right now.

More to come soon...

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