Haunted Pumpkins

Ravens surround the cabin

They are eveywhere!!

Jodi enjoying the Fall weather

Mike at Bass Pro Shop Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga

Laura Jr.

Checking out the pumpkins

Watching me take pictures

Finding a new home

On alert

Blue colored birds

Yellow birds

Blue, grey & red bird

Ordinary blue jay

Construction at Big Bear Lake Dam

Lake waters at sunrise

New road below the dam

An early morning breeze

Lucerne Valley at sunrise

Sedona Valley

Sunset in Sedona

Rock formations galore!

All formations have names

Mike at the Airport Vortex






Hot Air balloon weather, cool & crisp

Oak Creek

Cold water

Oak Creek Slide Rock Area..in the waer fully clothed, no towels

crystal clear water





Hotel Connor









First Class Car

View from the Verde Canyon Train



a rare Ocotillo blossom




Can you see the turtle?

Mike enjoying the scenery


Fall colors


Eagle nest in center of picture


Mike & Donna during jeep tour on a cold, blustery day

Honanki Ruins

Mike ready to ride to the ruins

Donna wondering how she is gona make the uphills.....

Honanki Ruins from afar

Mike after 6 miles

Donna is so happy she made it to the ruins

Ruins from the walking path

Path to the ruins







Doe Mtn

We ended September by going to the nursery and buying pumpkin for carvings. Eminger’s Nursey, here in Big Bear, carries the best pumpkins. We got all the Fall decorations down from the attic which included the pumpkin carving tools. Mike set up the table in the driveway and Jodi, Mike & I began to carve. Mike & I choose “free expression” pumpkin faces while Jodi opted for a baseball fan’s theme. All 3 of the pumpkins came out great! When we cleaned out the insides, we washed the seeds and baked them in the oven. Jodi will be taking them to work as the crew really enjoyed them last year.

The weather turned cold in Big Bear. Wild life is working hard to collect food and make their winter shelters. Have had a lot of birds visiting and have included some pics of them at the water trough.

I traveled to Camarillo to visit Jodi, while Mike traveled to Lake Elsinore to see Trevor coaching a football game. We have cheered for our Dodgers every step of the way and are hoping they get to the Big dance!

Every 3 years we collect enough timeshare points to go somewhere good. This year is Sedona, Arizona. Mike has checked the mountain bikes, fixed flat tires and lubed up the needed parts to make to journey on the trail easier. We haven’t ridden these bikes for 2 years so we are looking forward to a little adventure in the wilderness.

Well, we are back from Sedona and the trip was even better than we imagined. The landscapes are breath-taking, sunrises and sunsets are spectacular and there is so much to do. We stayed 5 days at the Sedona Pines Resort; listed in our RCI Timeshare Directory, west of town, we choose this location. We sat thru a presentation for the resort (got a free train trip for our effort) and decided to trade our home resort in Palm Springs for this one. Sedona is located 30 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ at 4500 ft in elevation and considered the high desert. We did lots of stuff; took a train ride, a jeep tour, rode the mtn bikes (12 miles round trip) to the Honanki Ruins (dating from 1100-1400s), but left some things to do the next time we visit in April 2010.

We are now back in Big Bear enjoying the wildlife, cool weather and quiet. Will be back and forth between here and the beach during November. Expecting to spend Thanksgiving in the mountains.

Take care, hope you all had a Happy Halloween.

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