Family Trip to Burning Man travel blog

Several blocks away lived this giant Duck, which was associated with a...

The Victorian house, "Neverwas Haul," was our neighbor at BM 2006. It...

A Burning Man and his dog.

Only at Burning Man: A marching band, being followed by the giant...

Each day has been dustier than the last!

The middle of our camp, with vans all around.

DeEtta and Lindsay catch some Zs

I catch a nap too.

John and the infamous "river hat."

Lindsay's cute glasses

Adding ice and salt to our ice cream maker.

TIme to make some ice cream! Shake that ball!

My turn to shake the ice cream, while the Recycling Guys park...

Sean shakes the ball.

Recycling Guy shakes the ball.

John shakes the ball. (Best ice cream ever!)

Our camp. Deanna and Marshall came with the 4th van.

I refreeze the yellow "cooling cloth" I was gifted at Stan's camp....

Derek putting on his cat vest.

Chad drives the Recycling Guys' bike for a while and lets them...

Derek rides with Chad.

On the street in front of our camp.

Tomorrow, Lindsay will give away every single one of these Red Vines.

The Rubik's Cube at night.

I think Thursday was the day everyone slept! We had already worn ourselves out, and we still had the weekend to go. The naps were time well-spent.

By today we had perfected the art of Porch Monkeying. It is easy to be a Porch Monkey. All you need are some chairs, some friends, and some beer. Then simply sit in front of your camp, and heckle everyone who passes by. Or offer people stuff. Talk to the ones who stop to talk. If your friends come by, offer them beer and a chair. You can get into all kinds of trouble without ever leaving your camp.

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