Family Trip to Burning Man travel blog

The camp behind us had a life-sized mammoth skeleton art car, which...

The camp across the street from us was ready to skin its...

And a block away was a New Orleans riverboat, which drove around...

Another camp near us.

We don't see many "art limos"...very nice.

The giant pink bunny.

I loved "Schwein Camp"

Sunrise with the Man and the Rocket.

We really wanted to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise,...

This ladder truck was about two blocks away, and many times would...

An oasis in the desert.

I was drawn to flowers.

Garden in the desert

This art trailer, which had apparently caused much havoc last night, was...

Because every burn needs zombies.

It gave us much joy to witness His Noodly Appendage, the Flying...

I was very happy to see this bus! I had read that...

We follow the lamplights to the Man.

As we got closer, a big dust storm blew in.

The structure holding up the Man was similar to another giant structure...

Me, under the dusty man!

Darin and I still under the man.

After a few minutes, it cleared up again.

Dusty bro

Dusty bro-in-law

Lindsay jumping on a trampoline.

The Disco Beetle with its lights on.

DeEtta's glowing hoop skirt was the BEST skirt at Burning Man.

The Cubatron, which was a bunch of synchronized lights and ping-pong balls....

Darin and bike, decked out for tonight.

Posing under the metal sculpture.

Here's the tall lady statue again.

The giant heart.

The cute seahorse art car.

John and Julie dancing at the Sooooouuul Train!

Boy was I dusty!

The 3 of us wandered toward Opulent Temple (another big dance camp),...

We also went by the Temple.

This huge "schooner" is two busses hitched together, with another storey built...

A ball of fire swinging around and around.

This morning I ate some of DeEtta and Chad's yummy gravlax before going to my "mentor shift." All new Rangers, called Alphas, must do their first shift with two mentors. We basically follow them around and talk to them and help out if needed. Then they get together and talk about us, and decide whether we've got what it takes to become a full-fledged Ranger. To me this sounds a little silly-- it's a VOLUNTEER position. At home, we're happy to take anyone who wants to Ranger....we don't tell anyone "sorry, you're not good enough." In my opinion, there's a place for everyone. But whatever...their sandbox, their rules.

On my mentor shift, I rangered first with Two-Step, then with Beavis. They were both older and fairly low-key guys, who seemed impressed that I'd already been Rangering for 5 years, and they told me not to's not THAT different on the playa. By 6:30pm, our mentors declared that most of my graduating class (at least two didn't make the cut) were fit to Ranger, and there was a little ceremony where we got presented with our Ranger hat and shirts. That part was kind of fun, even though I felt bad for the ones who didn't make it. I guess a lot more is at stake here and they can't afford to blow it.

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