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Me at the dawn Service

The Last Post at the dawn service with HMAS ANZAC behind

The "new road" with the thousands of people walking to Lone Pine

What is left of ANZAC Cove

Australian Service at Lone Pine

On the Bus at 10pm the night before. Travelled the 10km and came to a stop. After about 20 min we decieded that this was as far as the bus would go. So out we get to start our walk.

After about 5km and walkıng past about 200 buses and goıng through three check points we had made it to the site. There where people everywhere and we just sort of stoped once we got through the gate. Then the anouncer said would everyone please sit up (100`s of people lying down in sleeping bags) and move foward we need to fit more people in. So jumping at our chance we moved to within about 20m from the stage. Wow great spot.

About two hours later (2am) he asked everyone to move foward again so now we are about 10m or 7 people from the front of the stage.

Then about 3am Tracey Grımshaw turned up and we made our way over to where she was filming. Although we did not get on tv we spoke to her for a bit and could hear he talking to you guys back home.

4am They start this presentation with lights and footage on the big screens. Made a great releif from the Bee Gees and Celıen Dion. But İ felt it was too over the top it was like a holywood production not a memorial service.

5am John Howard and others arrived and the mood changed as people realised it was getting closer.

5.30am The service started, to be honest it was very emotionless compared to the services back home. It was very generic to cater for the Turkish I felt.

The sun rises and ıt comes to a close.

We then walk about 5km from the dawn service site to Lone pine along the NEW ROAD. The beach would only be about 2 - 3 m wıde now. But you can still tell that it was so steap and they got to the top in less than an hour Amazing.

8.30am we arrived at Lone Pine after climbing the cliffs wow that was hard. We got a seat in the stands and had a 2 hr wait on our hands. After about 30 mın I fell asleep for about 10min (my first since 6am the day before).

10am This is a different feeling, very Australian and almost like eveyone ıs expressing their emotions ın a party like environment. The mexican wave even started.

10.20am one of the best parts of the whole day!!! The anouncer said if there where any veterans in the crowd there where some spare seats up the front. As the old men stood up and shuffled there way to the front the whole 10,000 people stood and clapped for what seamed lıke 1o mın and I think it was close to it. Every time another one made his way foward the clapping erupted again. Near us there was two guys who could not walk the distance to the front, so we gave them three cheers instead. I am getting emotional just typing this now.

10.30am the service started and to his credit John Howard said an amazing address and the emotion of it all finally hit me and I was gone for about 5 mın.

12pm Standing outside lone pine waiting for our buses to arrive, realised that wasn`t going to happen so started walking to the NEW Zealand site. 5km uphill and we finaly get there and it had allready started. On the way up the hill we looked to our right and saw the line of 700 buses parked on a ridge waiting to pick people up. We new it would take a whıle so I layed down on the grass in the sun to wait. I got about 2 hours sleep, then still had to wait about 2 more hours till the bus came.

11pm we finally arive in Istanbul with no where to stay. We ask the tour guide if we can get a room where everyone else is staying, luckly two girls got off the bus so we got there room. But we had to pay the tour guide 10 euro each per night (we wanted two).

12am showered for the first time in two days and where fast asleep.

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