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Tapestry Arches

Pinnacle on the trail

Oak shrub in all its fall glory



A huge hole on the side of this pinnacle

A beautiful day for a hike

Broken Arch

A larger view of Broken Arch in the campground

David, Betty & Linda at Broken Arch

A perspective of the size of the arch

Sand Dune Arch

I climbed to the top

I have conquered!

Jackson, who is ten was my climbing mentor

It is amazing country around here

I love these rocks!

Great shaped rocks

The cairns showing the trail across the rocks

The rock star behind our camp

After hiking Fiery Furnace and having a picnic lunch, David, Betty, Linda and I decided to hike the trails around the campground. We started off on the .08 mile trail to Broken Arch. We did the quick side trip trail to the Tapestry Arches. Then back on the trail we went following the cairns as they marked the pathway thru the sand and up and over the boulders. The scenery around us was spectacular! Just around the corner was Broken Arch. We stopped for a photo op.

As we were continuing our hike we notice the hoof prints of the Big Horn Sheep. There is a herd of 50 in the park. Never did see them though. We were making our way along the 1.2 mile trail to Sand Dune Arch. We hiked through the meadow and between the pinnacles. This arch is protected by the tall surrounding rocks and is like being at the beach with all the soft sand around. A great place for kids!

While we were at the Sand Dune Arch and watching this family take pictures of them climbing on the arch, I met a 10 year old named Jackson that said he would show me how to get up to the top. What the heck, if he can do it, so can I! Well, he is much smaller than me and more agile than this big tom girl. Jackson just flew up the mountain side, me I was still struggling to get my size 8 shoes in the same small place that this 10 year old had put his tiny feet. I made it up the backside to the first level area. Then there was the problem of getting a running start in a small area and getting my hinnie up to the top of the next area. Two attempts and I just didn't have the umf to get up high enough to grab on. Jackson was being very encouraging and said to try again. You can do it, I did! Well, there you go. If Jackson could do (it was his 3 or 4 time) then I should certainly be able to. It was quite obvious to me though that I have lead in my back end, because it just kept pulling me backwards. On my third attempt I told Jackson's Dad, Dan that if he didn't mind giving me a little support and shove on my bottom, it would be most appreciated. I was so close to getting to the top. Mission accomplished with a little help from Dan. Jackson and I were off to the top of the arch. I had done it!! There was Linda, David & Betty down below celebrating and taking pictures to show Len. Then there was the problem of getting down. Getting back to the first level area, no problem. Then there is the last part where Jackson just hugs the rocks edge and slides down to the foot rest and jumps down. Here is were the agile part comes in. You have to go down backwards, so I kneel down close to the wall. I extend my left leg below me. The foot rest is about 6 inches away, but feels like 6 feet. I'm going to have to drop down to reach it, but it is a narrow area and I can't get my right knee out from under my chest. Don't even go there! I try a couple of times. Jackson is watching my foot placement for me and Dan finally gives me a helping hand and lowers me by one arm to the foot rest. I am safely on sand again! I was victorious!!! What an accomplishment for this old tom girl. I managed to walk away with only one scraped knee and elbow. A small price to pay for being so adventuresome.

The walk back to camp took us back through the meadow and then up and between pinnacles. It was quite a climb and then we were walking over boulders again and dropped right into the campground. What a great hike we had!

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