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Ubiquitous directional advice - "All ways, this way" !!

Lunch on the terrace overlooking Mediteranean

Children's sailing lessons through (rose' colored) glasses

Church interior

The dragon again gets the point

Fishing at sunset - this one's for you Dani

Sailing off into the sunset

Train ride home after hard day at the office

Up at 07:30 to walk to Lecce train station to catch a 09:45 train to Gallipoli. Discover that train doesn't operate on Sunday; instead there's one bus, #31, but it's not till 10:20. Oh well, early start to the day. 10:10 and the gates to the bus yard are still locked ? I walk around the corner to check buses along the street and see #31 pulling away from curb at 10:20 with a destination of V. Gallipoli ! Rapidly go get Lidia and into the info office at train station to determine what is going on; we'd been repeatedly assured the bus leaves from bus yard, not the street. Woman at the desk is amused !? Seems the 'fall back' clock reset had occurred last night ! And nobody told us !! The nerve ! The bus #31 I saw leaving was a city bus with a stop on Via Gallipoli (a street in Lecce). At the real 10:00 the gates to the bus yard are unlocked, and onto our bus we go; there's only one other passenger aboard for the ride. Gallipoli has the new city section, and the old section, which is basically on island connected by a short causeway. Spent the day walking the town, cllecting shards along the beach, and having a relaxing lunch gazing over the harbor and out into the Mediterranean. Walk back into new town to catch the only bus back to Lecce, and chat with a couple (Marco & Leni) from Bologna headed back home via Lecce. Lidia & I board the bus and hand the bus driver money to pay for tickets, which we'd been told was the way to do it. He won't accept cash and wants tickets from us. The Bologna couple have an extra ticket and somehow convince the driver to allow Lidia & I to ride 'as one'. Had interesting discussions with Marco & Leni who explained the economic challenges facing Italy due to the Euro re-valuation relative to the previous Lira valutions, basically prices doubled, or salaries were halved, however you want to look at it. They also commented about the economic problems caused by organized crime in the nation's construction industry. I think I'll just enjoy the wine, the food and the views, and let those problems be solved in their way. Ciao for now

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