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Lidia at city gate

Lecce style Baroque church facade

Wooden ceiling of church

Baroque altar

Plain altar

Birds of Paradise in motion

Lecce Duomo

Traffic stopper

Morning of 22 Oct we receive confirmation that we ahve the aprtment in Rome for the month of November. Pack up and off to the train station for journey to Lecce. Circumvia to Napoli and Eurostar to Lecce via Bari. On the Eurostar ride I watch & listen to a group of four rather rough looking characters speaking in an Italian dialect; piccha ya sef in Bruukalin wit da guys. As we pull out of Bari station a young lady returns to near us and exclaims " My computer bag is gone !!" So are 'Da guys' ! I've no proof but they were the only ones with the vantage to see who the computer bag owner was, and that that person was absent atthe station. Moral of the story - don't leave ya stuff un-attended. Arrive to Lecce station about 19:30 and it is raining pretty hard. No info available at the stazione, so we don our rain gear & off we walk into the old town where everything is closed . Ask at a small osteria (restaurant)where to find a B&B and they point around the corner. Down a dark small street, without any indication of a functioning business we go & ring the bell and have a room for the night. Back to the osteria for a bite to eat before off to sleep we go. The building is a romantic 17th century with 3 story atrium; we're on the 3rd floor. Sounds (pardon the following pun) great, but the structure functions as a super efficient sound tunnel ! You hear every noise, however slight, from all three floors ! Next morning check into another B&B, also 3rd floor of 17th cent. building. What the heck - let's try another set of noises ! We've also discovered that B&B has an alternative definition - Bed & Blanket; food in the morning - you're on your own. Rained most of the day so Lidia & I just wander the city. Learn that there is to be a concert the following night featuring a current Italian 'star', Michele Zarramillo. Also discovered where the famous 'Grandma's' restaurant is; CasaRiccia. Wandering does have its advantages at times. We planned to go to Gallipoli on the 24th but to day dawns threatening rain; by rain I mean that the streets run river-like, and you look for the least deep river into which to wade !

So we stay in Lecce and walk the town. Actually turns out to be a nice mostly sunny day. Lecce is the epitome of Baroque style architecture in Italy; in fact it is classified a style unto itself. Hopefully our pictures depict this a bit. We also have lunch at 'Grandma's' - Trish & Rick - this is the kind of place you would hve loved. We have to ring the door bell to gain entrance - well don't you have to at Grandma's ?? We are actually a bit before offical opening time, but are cordially admitted & seated as the first guests of the day. Truly home style cooking that tasted great. Went to concert ta evening. Theater was about 60% full, and the usher indicated that once the house lights went off we could move forward; we'd purchased less expensive seats towards the back, though the theater was only about 60 rows deep. Lights off and 10 rows forward we go. Michele is a cross between Vic Damone and Van Halen ! Ballads & Blast. Eight piece band was talented & tight. Audience sang along often. Good show.

Ciao for now.

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