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Greetings from Schiphol Airport

If ever there was a day where the above statement is true, then this is it ! In about 1.5 hours, I will be boarding a flight to Singapore to start my trip. It is something, I have been considering for over 10 years and something that I have been actively planning for about 3 months. I have given up the certainty of a cosy life in Eindhoven, with great friends, a well paying job, a city centre apartment and a company car and swapped it for a 18Kg rucksack, a plane ticket and a sense of adventure. To be honest, it sounds like a good deal if you ask me !!

While I will certainly miss all my friends (and my Audi A3 !), I am really looking forward to meeting new people, trying new things and having loads of new experiences. The fun has already started as I have had two of the most enjoyable months of my life meeting up with friends and family to share my story, say goodbye and of course move out of my apartment. A big thanks in particular to Marianne, Brian, Ton, Monique and Henrik for helping me with the house move and of course to Carolyn for helping me to find the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle !

Many thanks also to everyone, who invited me for dinner, joined me for lunch and went with me for one last mountain bike trip, walk, film or football game. These were all a lot of fun and I enjoyed each of these occasions immensely. Some pictures of my goodbye dinner / drink from last Friday are attached.

So now the fun begins. Today, I took the 07.08 train from 's Hertogenbosch to Schiphol which arrived on time and without any hitches. Check in went fine and in a few minutes I will fly to Singapore where I have a 13 hour wait before I start the final part of my trip to Christchurch. Rather than just hang about, I have booked myself into a transit hotel, where I can get some sleep, try some great Asian cuisine and chill out at the pool ! And believe me I am really looking forward to it !!

From there it's on to Christchurch, where I have booked myself into Charlie B's hostel downtown, , where I will hang out for 3 days, checking out the city and recovering from my jetlag. On Monday, I will pick up my "Wicked" camper and start checking out the sights of New Zealand. More news will follow in my next update.

Otherwise, I would like to wish you all the best during the coming months and hope you will keep in touch !

Let the adventure begin !!

Warm regards


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