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Jordan, Nic and James at the Surf Club! (Summer Bay/ Palm Beach)

recognise this anyone?

another favourite spot for some teenage angst

Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Sydney opera House

Hi again. We've just arrived in New Zealand, and are slowly acclimatising to the drop in temperature!

After Byron Bay, we headed South towards Sydney, having rearranged to drop the car there instead. We drove through the Hunter Valley where we spent a day doing a wine tour. At our first place, Wyndhams Estate, we were the only 2 people who turned up for the daily 11 am tour, and so our very enthusiastic guide took us around for 2 1/2 hours telling us all he could about wine. We also had a very lengthy tasting, as there were about 5 staff milling around with nothing else to do! The scenery in the Hunter Valley was gorgeous (rather like Goucestershire or somewhere like that) and for once it was bathed in sunshine too! (Emily is so modest! although she had a few tastings, luckily I got to be the passenger in the car and so managed to quaff my way through tastings from many a different bottle. Of course after the first few, which I thought were lovely I couldn't taste a thing. This is the difference between professionals who spit out their wine and greedy ex-students/backpackers who are trying to get everything free - even drunk! It was great!) - Jordan

The next day we drove on to Sydney, where we spent a lovely 3 days in Bondi, with Linda, an old colleague from Working Title, and then 3 days in Manly with Nic (from uni) and her husband James. Had a very relaxing time staying in 2 gorgeous flats, eating delicious home cooked meals and revelling in being out of the tent! Most exciting of all, on Monday we set off for Palm Beach - aka SUmmer Bay! Got a bit over excited and now have about 50 pictures of the 4 or us in various Home & Away locations!

We have now arrived in Christcurch, and are all set up with our camper van ready to go exploring all the walks and cycle rides on offer. Our camper van is like a palace! A million times smarter ( and HALF the price!) of our Wicked van in Oz. It even comes complete with a duvet!

Well thats all for now, but we should hopefully have lots of exciting things to report soon. love Emily and Jordan x

PS - We have just uploaded loads more picturesd of Western Australia and of our trip along the East coast too AND GREAT WALL which are amazing! - finally.

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