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Er......not sure which is one is scariest!!!!!!

The beautiful Lake Titticaca

Bolivian blockades!

Sam & Rachel cross the border!

A Peruvian band, seemed like a good idea at the time to...

So, off we set from Bolivia on a coach full of Isreali`s (no offence meant!) for Copocabana and then Puno on the other side of Lake Titicaca and on the boarder of Peru.. We heard lots of stories of people reaching certain points and getting turned back due to blockades, but soldiered on we did. We reached the lake pretty quickly (as it`s so bloody big) and enjoyed beautiful views along the way. It didn`t take long though for our driver to bottle it, he heard stories from bus drivers coming in the other direction of blockades and of people throwing rocks, it all sounded pretty scary actually and we were starting to worry just a little. Then our lovely bus driver told us he would drop us off half way! Slightly annoying but hey what can ya do? Luckily the bus driver changed his mind (other buses were continuing and he didn`t want to look like a tosser) and after another 30 minutes or so we see one of these blockades which consisted of a few stones in the road. Phew - not very scary so we breathed a sign of relief. The men of the bus jumped off and quickly removed the obstacles and off we went. These blockades did actually get worse and worse, with more and bigger stones and rocks but everyone mucked in (there were several buses on the road and a quite a few fed up travellers) and we got through, luckily without having anything thrown at us. So, we made it safe and sound to Puno - yay! Puno was a cool little town with a friendly feel and lots of cosy restaurants and bars. We checked in and quickly headed out for food and beers and discussed the Bolivians so called idea of protesting which we decided was pretty lazy. Got pretty hammered and ended up in a bar with a German (who lived in Ireland) lass, a Norweigan guy, a Dutch girl and a Belguin dude, myself and Sam and our mate Rachael a kiwi. I`m sure there could be a joke about that... The next morning we were up and ready for our next bus journey, this time to Cuzco and this time we weren`t expecting any so called blockades..

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