No Spain, No gain:Chelsea's trip to Spain 2009 travel blog


A ton has happened in the last few weeks... The reason I haven't been able to update is because my computer died and I wan't able to find the repair shop to fix it. So, I'm surviving off the school's computers and my host mom is generous enough to let me use hers.

Regular classes have started and I've finally been able to get some traveling in. The weekend of the ninth, we found a boat to Ibiza that took three hours. Because it isn't the peak of the season, there were very few people there but it was really pretty. Not as pretty as Mallorca, but it isn't famous for being pretty. We stayed at a hostel and went out at night. Although we didn't go to the discoteques (what Ibiza is famous for), we went to a bar and had a great time. Sunday morning we went to another gorgeous beach and slept on the sand until our boat left.

Last weekend, we went to Madrid as organized by the CIEE program that organized the whole study abroad experience. Which meant that we got to stay in a real hotel and each real meals compared to the bread and cheese we ate in Ibiza. We went to Spanish Congress, El Palacio Real, two museuems, and a street fair. The our we had of the palace was great and everythign was absolutely gorgeous. For the art museums, we had an art professor as our tour guide and he told us the cool stuff about the art we were seeing. My favorite was probably Guernica by Picasso, where we learned that the sword represents justice and because it was broken, it shows was Picasso thought about Spain during the Franco era. There was another I liked that I bought a poster of which had a little girl getting painted.

Overall, Madrid was cool and I loved the architecture but I felt like every other person was American. It was weird at the end of the trip being absolutely exhausted and coming ¨home¨to Mallorca and it actually felt like a home because my host mom had my dinner ready and waiting for me. That's all for now!


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