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Acres of corn & soya crops

Terraced fields

Cattle country

Large wind turbines

October 13 – Tuesday

Leaving Illinois, crossing the Mississippi River and making our way into Iowa this morning in the cool 1 degree Celsius air but with the sun shining we started another day of travel westward. Driving almost straight west across Iowa, the state of corn and cattle, we again saw acre after acre of corn and soya crops. Iowa is known as the state with the largest production of corn in the US. Harvesting is only about 10% complete according to a farmer we talked to yesterday, normally 50% complete by this time of year. We did see a few combines working this afternoon but there is much left to be done. As we came to the hilly part of Iowa we noted how the fields are terraced to prevent soil erosion and perhaps easier to farm. We also noted a couple areas with a whole lot of wind turbines turning in the breeze. By 4:00 pm we had crossed into South Dakota and checked into KOA at North Sioux City. As we drove along Interstate 29 through Sioux City we could see Nebraska across the Missouri River but will not be going into this state. We travelled 608 kilometers today but the interstate highways are good for the most part and the traffic was good. The high on our truck thermometer today got to 7 degrees.

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