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Carmen and I bought a whole bunch of goodies at the market...some...

Oct 3-4th, 2009

Kota Bharu is found in the Northeast corner of the country and has a large Islamic population. It was our stop over on our way to Taman Negara. We didn't have a chance to check out the sights. We basically ran errands and hit up the market for some fine dining. We were feeling adventurous and had a spread of goodies from various food stalls. The mystery banana leaf wrap was quiet yummy and the chocolaty dessert with a little Malaysian flag on a toothpick was delightful. Other than that...the other treats were OK to ummm..maybe this wasn't the best choice. Oh well...eating out is part of the experience.

Our hostel was very basic and disturbing. We were told by another fellow backpacker to check out the roof at some point. When we got up there the owner and a couple of his buddies seemed to be hanging out..and there they were. Cats in cages. Now these weren't your typical, domestic cats at home...these looked different...they had a wild side to them. They were the size of or slightly larger than cats at home. They were jungle cats. The owner claimed it wasn't illegal...but why would you want cats if you were only going to keep them locked up?? I was disappointed and felt useless.

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