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Snack time Friday afternoon

A spirited game of Yahtzee

Fun game of nickle, nickle.

Time for the last scheduled Club campout for the year. Even though it was raining and dreary we loaded up the MH and headed out. Destination was the Tonawanda Fireman's Park. It was close to the Niagara River and six other couples were signed up to go. Bonnie worked in the morning and we arrived right around 3:00pm and were the last to arrive, but did get there in time for the after noon snacks and fellowship.

Around 5:30pm the first group left for Squires for the customery Friday night fish fry. It pays to be flexible, Squires had long waits for a table so a guick cell call to the rest of us, who were all together in Charlie's suburban, resulted in a change of plans. Joni called the Holiday Inn on Grand Island and they said sure come on over. We were there in 10 minutes and they had already set up two large round tables in a semi-private area, with a view of the river, for us. We had a great meal, good waitress, and with the 4 entertainment cards we had each couples bill was only about 15 dollars.

Back at the campsite everyone did there own thing. We had a nice building with kitchen and Dish TV. Some went to bed, some to their coaches and some played cards or other games. One of the big hits was watching the auto action from Las Vegas. The evening went quickly and soon midnight was approaching and all went off to bed. It was still very damp with occasional rain showers.

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