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Cobble Beach at Yaquina Head Lighthouse

California Sea Lion

The Discovery whale-watching vessel

Grey whale's flukes

Grey whale blowing

Grey whale

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Cobble Beach

The Yaquina Head lighthouse was our original destination for today. As a bonus, our annual US National Park pass that we had purchased at Bryce Canyon allowed us to get in for free!

We walked from the Interpretive Center to the lighthouse. On the way, we stopped at Cobble Beach. This small beach is made up of smooth, round black volcanic stones. Each time the waves recede, the rocks tumble over each other, resulting in a wonderful rustling sound, almost like the applause of heaven! If you have a high-speed internet connection, you can try listening for yourself by viewing the video.

After this peaceful interlude, we headed back to Newport and visited the Old Town Pier area, looking for fish & chips for lunch. What we did find, was the opposite of peaceful serenity - a herd of raucous, crazy California Sea Lions. The noise of their barking was continuous and deafening.

We noticed a sign for a whale-watching tour, and gave up our search for lunch in favour of the two-hour search for grey whales. We had a wonderful time on the ocean, and did find a grey whale after all! We returned to the harbour and rewarded ourselves with a fine fish and chips dinner.

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