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Goin up in the Gondola (really just a cable car)

Me on the Luge (I was going so fast Jenny nearly missed...

The view from the top (basically what you see from the skyswing...

And back down again

Gettin ready for Riversurfin!

Not too long into that Mammoth bike ride (you can tell its...

I got my feet wet!

It was a fantastic view (canyon swing is down there somewhere)

Another cool view (onto the actual cycle track now)

The last view from the track (onto proper road)

Jenny lookin a bit happier now the end is in sight!!

The Adventure capital of New Zealand! And boy it proved it!!

Arrived on Monday night. Decided Tuesday afternooon would be a good time to try out 'Riversurfing' so did the Gondola trip up the hill and did the Luge at the top. The 'Luge' is really just a plastic go cart which can gain quite a speed down the track - I like to think of is as comparable to a one man Bob-Sleigh coz that makes it sound really cool!!

So thats the Luge, but what on earth is Riversurfing? - I hear you ask. Well, basically its zooming down a river on a boogieboard. Mostly quite calm waters but we did get up to a grade 4 rapid which is pretty fast - luckily no 7 metre waterfalls this time - I don't know if I'd have done so well with that on a Boogie board as I did in a raft!! We travelled about 9km in total down the river and if I thought the water in Kaikoura was cold this truely was bloody Baltic - it had been snowing the day before so all that melted made it a little chilly after over an hour in the water even with 2 wetsuits on!!

We fancied a bit of Mountain Biking on Wednesday so hired some bikes for half a day and set off on the 'Moonlight track', assured it would take a little over 3 hours. Almost 6 hours later Andrew went ahead to get the Van in case it was dark before we got back!! Luckily me and Jenny made it back in to town not too long after him so no rescue was necessary! The main problem was that this 'Mountain bike track' was clearly NEVER used for Mountain biking. I was lined for a long way by thorns and was so badly rutted (About 4in deep by 4in wide) your couldn't actually pedal a lot of the time so we ended up Hillwalking with bikes about half the way!! Boy was the body sore after that but hey, at least the view was nice!!

I was just thinking I maybe should have made this more than one entry but never mind, not long to go now! Jenny and Andrew left on Wednesday morning so I decided to drive Lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy and ended up in Paradise! That was the name of the place at the end of the road. (See next lot of Photos) I headed down to Invercargill that night and planned to stop on the way and do the Ledge Skyswing at the Bungee site. Its a 47m swing 400m above Queenstown. I still really tired from the cycle and was havin a 'scared of heights' day so I was dubious about whether I'd actually do it. Still I went up there and tried, but ultimately I was just too shakey - what a woos eh?!

That was enough adventure for me and off I went on my merry way.

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