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Night food market, Luang Prabang


Waterfall just out of Luang Prabang

riverside bars in Vang Vieng

Jess in Vang Vieng. I LOVE these baguettes, mmmmm i could eat...

Rice fields on the hike to rockclimbing


Willy climbing



Main Street of Vang Vieng

One of the usual chill out restraunts

Kids dragonboat racing

Our bungalow in Vang Vieng

The inside

Willy having a dip in our river

Well I have been so very slack with keeping up with the trip journal this time and now I have to try to think back to what we have done and I know I will miss out on so many important things and it wont be my usual passionate style of writing, but I know most of you just like looking at the pictures anyway!

So we had been to Laos on our last trip and enjoyed it so much we decided to go back to our favourite spots, Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng.

When we finally arrived into Luang Prabang, after our epic bus journey! One of the first things we noticed was how quiet it was compared to 2 years ago. It was like a ghost town, hardly any tourists, Laos tourism has really been affected by the worlds current economic state but it seems they haven’t yet realised it or maybe don’t wish to realise it with so much construction of new guesthouses taking place it’s a little scary.

One of the quietest places was our favourite night market where we would eat our favourite Mekong fish and sticky rice every night. Maybe we should of taken this as a sign not to eat there but we had been hanging out for our fish for 2 years! Unfortuntly eating fish lead to me having an upset stomach for the next 5 days and us not being able to venture far from our room for our whole stay.

During our stay in Luang Prabang it was AFL final season at home. We met some fellow Australians (who ended up being from Geelong!) who knew where it was going to be on tv and we had some fun drinking and cheering along the cats for their spot in the Grand final.

On our final day in Luang Prabang we hired some bikes and rode out to one of the waterfalls. We did the ride the last time we were there and enjoyed it. It’s a little hilly and about a 70km return trip which probably isn’t the best thing to do when you have been ill but the swim in the waterhole was a nice refresher when we got there and it’s a nice downhill ride back into town.

Vang Vieng was everything we remembered it to be and thanks to its repretation for drunken tubing down the river it will always be busy with the ‘banana pancake trail’ backpackers. Once again though there was so much construction of guesthouses going on.

We were lucky to score our bungalow on the river again and settled in for some relaxing, eating of omelette bagettes (they are so good) and watching continuous ‘Family Guy’ for a few days. Unfortuntly we never really had the weather for tubing but we weren’t really that disappointed, we had done it before, got extreamly drunk and ended up with various injuries including broken ribs……. Instead we settled for some rockclimbing in preparation of our upcoming trip to Ton Sai in Thailand.

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