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Last photos of our caravan park in Cairns

Cairns caravan park

Cairns caravan park

Pumpkin sporting her new sticker


Sheena the coffee chick

Views of Cairns from the nearby mountains


Wind farm on the way to Undara


A stop over at the Innot Hot Springs

As you can see it is a very small spring - but...

Undarra Experience - this is our caravan park - note the railway...

Inside the Undarra Lava Tubes




Ken's worst nightmare - 2 Sheena's!!


Bottle tree at Undarra - apparantly the back is so full of...

One of the 164 volcanoes in the area

And so we hit the road again. Our little pumpkin is now sporting her own little sign on the front of her - I have attached a photo for you to see. After a 3-month stint in Cairns it took a little bit of work cleaning the annex (lots of birds and been to visit!!) and packing up but it all felt so familiar this time. It did feel quite sad to leave Cairns as it really felt like ‘home’ and I had met such lovely people through work who I will miss. But onwards we travel to our next adventure! We have put in an application for Ken for a job on the Sunshine Coast that would be just perfect for him so we have our fingers crossed. We have also registered ourselves on a house sitting site to see if we can get a house sit down there too – this will save us a bit in caravan fees.

One of the other things we had wanted to do in this area was to visit the Undara Lava Tubes so we decided to do a slight detour to take this in on our way down the coast. As we knew we had to go up the mountain range (this time with the Pumpkin in tow) I had asked the advice of the caravan park as to which route to take so we could have the best chance of getting here safely – and we did. On the way we stopped off to view a wind farm and the Innot Hot Springs. The spring was more of a bubble of water coming up from the ground (took us a while to find the right spot!) and yes it was hot – about 70 degrees. Apparently the water is supposed to have healing properties but I don’t know how you could keep your body parts in there long enough to find out!!

We are now sitting outside our little pumpkin on a glorious evening enjoying the obligatory glass of wine. The Undara caravan park is pretty cool. They have utilized some railway carriages that were set to be burnt by the railways and have been lovingly restored. Some of them are used for accommodation, some for the shop and office and some as dining cars. The countryside is very dry – amazing how it all changes so quickly – yesterday we were in rain forest and ocean – today we are back in the outback. All very exciting.

Wed 23

Went out on a tour this morning into the Undara lava tubes and it was SO interesting. Did you know there are 164 volcanoes in this area? Hopefully they won’t decide to come to life again while we are here. The tube we explored today was formed thousands of years ago when the Undara volcano erupted and rivers of lava flowed for approximately 20 years. As it cooled (this taking about 12 years) it formed these underground tubes (or caves) – miles and miles of them. Really recommend taking a look if you are in this are. Now we are being lazy in the caravan waiting for it to cool down a bit so we can go for a walk.

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