Sisters, Linda & Donna

Marlene & Aunt Bert

Brothers, Travis & Kyle

Marlene, Mother-to-be & Linda, Nana-to-be

Celebration cake

Alayna Petra

Her first closeup

Jodi & Mike playing catch in the field.

Getting Tommy Davis' autograph on the glove

Mike & Jodi at Dodger Statium

Alex bites into her first IN N OUT Burger of the trip

Alex & Grandpa

Meeting for breakfast and then walking the pier

Relaxing at Ayden's house

Mike, Alex & Jodi enjoy the pool on a hot California day.

Richard, Alex & Alicia

Posing for a senior picture

Grandpa & Grandma enjoy a walk on the beach with Alex

Alex loves the Pacific Ocean

Laura celbrating her birthday in July!

Karen, Laura & Kristen

Mother & Daughter

Denise on her 50th birthday!

Dani & Jodi

Mother & Son

Denise & her mother, Nancy

Nancy & her kids, David & Denise

Teddi & Dave

Grandma & the grandkids

Jodi at her reunion

Christine, Gavin & Donna

Watching Vin Scully at work

Field crew at work at Dodger Stadium

Navy Night during Military Week

Thank you Jodi, we had great seats

Rookie with pink backpack

Dodger Dugout

Manny Ramirez

Smoke from the fires visible from the stadium

Meeting at the mound

Jodi in uniform

Clouds from the fires - clearly visible throughout the Southland

Laura & Donna at Disneyland

Mickey Mouse

Donna with Goofy

Woody from Toy Story

Miss Chappell's Class

Showing up to help organize the class after summer break

Kim is not happy summer is over

Miss Chappell's 2nd grade class - first week!

Ambrie & Tony - Best Wishes!!

Bryan & Blance - Congratulations!!!

Mike playing Wii

Easy to make par on big screen - playing Tiger Woods PGA...

Big Bear Discovery Center Outddor Concert

Kim & Jodi at the concert

3 "Old" friends

2 "young" friends!

Jim Curry performs a John Denver Tribute

A beautiful place for singing John Denver songs

Mike on the USS Lane Victory

Jodi awaits ship's movement

Cruise ship in San Pedro

Tug boat pulling us away from the dock

Into the fog

San Pedro shoreline

More shoreline

Leaving the cruise ships behind

Busy shipyard

tug boat leaves us

"Long may She wave"

Can't see much but the fog

Harbor pilot prepares to depart

He will board the moving Pilot Boat!


He waves goodbye.

Blue skies

Birds fly along side

Mike & Jodi on a boat tour

Avalon Harbor in Catalina

Wrigley Mansion

Avalon Ballroom

Catalina condos

Blue water

Awaiting the air attack

Everyone on alert!

First sighting

They circle

Off port side

So close

He's been hit!!

The fly over

Going home

Sailing along side

San Pedro Harbor

Working the rigging

A welcome back to port!



Jodi & Mater

Donna enjoyed the cruise

Donna & Mike at the LA County Fair

Kim, Robbin, Laura & Sandi enjoying a evening together

Jodi at the traveling WALL on Labor Day

Jodi volunteered to help find names at the WALL in the wee...

Jodi meeting former Dodger, Ron Cey and getting his autograph

Bill Russell, former Dodger giving his autograph

Didn’t seem like we haven't been that busy since May but after going back over what we did, I guess we were busy!

Attended a baby shower for a new addition to our family; she arrived on the 4th of July! Other additions to the family have been in the way of weddings; niece Ambrie married Tony, nephew Bryan married Blanca. We welcome them with open arms!

On Father’s Day, Mike, Jodi & I traveled to Dodger Stadium for our annual celebration. The weather was hot, but Jodi & Mike enjoy the father/daughter tossing of the ball. Also in June, our grand-daughter, Alex traveled from Indiana to visit for 2 weeks. She has missed the beach and mountains after 4 years, and was glad for good weather when she was here.

In July , we welcomed another member of the Little Family to join AARP. Denise celebrated her 50th year with a great party! We have a fun time and got a chance to visit with lots of family! At the end of July, Jodi had her tonsils removed. It was a tough recuperation but she is a real trouper! She had planned an 8th grade reunion. On the 4th day after surgery, she still hosted the event. Glad I could be there to help.

I have been attending committee meetings for my high school, Sierra High School was open from 1958-1979. The school closed due to budget cuts and low enrollment. This will be a “Homecoming” for the entire school including students and faculty. It is a tremendous undertaking and we have set the date of October 2, 2010. It is exciting to see former classmates and catch up on life.

We bought a new camera in August, a Nikon D40 with 2 lenses. I have been taking TONS of pictures practicing to see what I can capture. Got to use it for a Dodger game we attended during Military Week on Navy Night. Jodi attended in uniform and was featured on the big screen. It was nice to see so many people come up to her and thank her for her service.

Just this weekend, Mike attended a reunion of the USS Mullany DD 528, he serviced on her during VietNam. We were able to go along when they cruised the ocean on the USS Lane Victory (www.lanevictory.org) between San Pedro and Catalina. It started out a foggy day, but it did burn off and there was blue skies. The mock air battle was an impressive bit of flying! We all had a good time.

We are now up in Big Bear enjoying the Autumn environment. Cool breezes, leaves and pine cones falling from the trees and perhaps a pumpkin or two to be carved. Will try and post more often. October plans include a trip to Sedona, Arizona with the mountain bikes. Wish us luck!!

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