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In Old Forge, New York

You never know who'll be hanging around a covered bridge












A rare instance of Bruce getting out of the truck to take...

This is the very nice picture he was taking.......

...... and this one, too



Main Street, Lake Placid

The Au Sable River

Today was another long driving day. We worked out a route through the Adirondacks that would take us via Old Forge and Lake Placid, thinking we might even stay in the Lake Placid area. No way! What a busy place! Old Forge was kind of funky and there was a big paddle fest happening today ('Paddle for the Cure'), so thousands of people there and hundreds of canoes.

We are now seriously in 'Fall Colours Country'. Another picture postcard of spectacular scenery unfolds around every bend. It's hard not to get carried away with the photos so, trust me, it may seem I've posted a lot here but that's just a drop in the bucket relative to the number of photos that both Bruce and I are taking. (Yes - he's taking photos while he's driving! He who has a spaz when he sees people using cellphones while driving, which, I'm pleased to say, is illegal in New York State.) I've decided not to caption the photos in todays entry, because the pictures speak for themselves so well.

Passed another Long Lake today, too. It's really hard to be original, but at least these people have a banner to brag about it (must talk to my strata council people in Nanaimo about getting our own flag!).

So tonight, after a long day of driving, we are camped at the Au Sable River Campground in - you got it - Au Sable Forks, NY. We passed the ski jump that was used in the 1982 Lake Placid Winter Olympics but I couldn't get a photo as I was shooting directly into the sun, but you wouldn't catch me at the top of that thing! It was sickeningly high - I can only imagine the feeling standing at the top and knowing what your only way down is going to be!

Tomorrow we have to make a decision about whether to go north (and back into Canada) or continue Eastwards. I'll let you know!

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